Get a haircut

Hotels in HanoiIf you are a guy and want to go local, get a haircut. You can either go to a shop or try one of the barbers in the streets. No matter what hairstyle you request, you will get the same hair cut. Super short at the sides and a bit fluffy on the top. In addition to your new style the few stray hairs on your ears will also get plucked. You can even have your ears cleaned. The hairdresser then mount a headlamp and dick into your ear canals with a long stick. Whatever he catch he will deliberately put it on a napkin on your shoulder, so you see how much he have managed to get out. It can be a very violating feeling to have your ears clean that well.

Where to stay

Hanoi Victory hotel is your best choice. Hanoi Victory Hotel is one of the greatest three stars hotels in Hanoi which is hightly  appreciated for the comfort and luxury. If you are going to Hanoi Vietnam in order to find out about Hanoi beauty, culture values,  or simply want to have a happy and useful Hanoi tour – Welcome to Hanoi Victory hotel, the best hotel in hanoi, where you can rest most comfortably with perfect services.


Address: 3 Hang Quat street, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi
Tel: + 84 4 3938 2666
Google map: Hanoi Victory Hotel - hotel in hanoi

Bia Hoi Corner, Hanoi

Bia hoi is fresh brewed beer tapped from barrels. Located at corner between Ta Hien street and Luong Ngoc Quyen street.

Ceramic mosaic wall

To mark Hanoi's 1000 years anniversary in 2010 the wall of the Red River dyke was turned into the longest ceramic mosaic in the world (3.85 km).

Hip hop Dance

Hanoi is a conservative city in a communist country, so when you suddenly see some hip hop dancing on a public square, it catches your attention.

Morning exercise

It is an unbelievable sight to see Hanoi wake up. In the early morning when the sun haven't yet rose and the streets are empty for traffic, the...

Railway walk

Hanoi's main train station is right in the center, meaning the train tracks go straight through the city. The section leading to Long Bien Bridge...

Street vendors

Anything that can be load on a bicycle or in a basket are sold in the streets of Hanoi - and it can seems that most things can be. Clothes, fruit,...

Tombstone Street

The streets in the Old Quarter was originally named after what was sold there. Hang means merchandise, so the street names are like Hang Gai for...